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We, at The Fence Company Of Detroit, are in this fencing business for quite a long period of time now. We are now undoubtedly one of the best fencing companies in Michigan. We have always been the best and we are striving to remain in the top position among all other Detroit fencing companies.

Why Should You Choose Us For All Your Fencing Needs?

  • Knowledge:
    Our technicians have almost over a decade of experience working with different types of gates and fences all throughout the City Of Detroit and its nearby suburbs. We are the best local fence company, take pride not only in helping customers with their fencing needs but also educating them with some basic fence maintenance tips such that the fences last for a longer period of time. If you are planning of having us there to help you with building your next fencing project, we can assure you that after we have visited, you will know every bit of what is needed to give your place a drastic makeover. Our attention to detail, leaves no stones unturned to satisfy our customer’s needs.
  • Reliability and Service:
    We do know how notorious the construction industry is, especially when it comes to postponed deadlines and no-show ups. We know how frequent these things happen, we know what a promise means and we know how to keep up with that. Customer service has always been our first priority and it will remain in that position with all the coming years. We do believe that good communication with a client is a very important no matter if you are a paying customer or a prospective client. Our customer care team makes sure that there isn’t any scope of customer mishandling, communication gap with any project processor with the scheduling of the project. We, at The Fence Company Of Detroit, do take pride in our reliability and our world-class customer service. Whenever it comes to be on schedule or on time, you can always count on us.
  • World-class Craftsmanship
    Our team handles a project as if they are doing it for their own place of residence. We know that there are many fencing companies out there in Detroit, who are known to chop out the corners to get a project done and collect their paycheck. But when it comes to us, we make sure your project is done perfectly with no set of complaints and that it lasts for a really long time. We don’t believe in easy ways of completing a project, we make sure that the job is completed in the right way such that only quality comes into notice. We use the finest grade materials available in the market to make sure your fence or gate lasts for a long period of time. If you are still confused about your fencing project and want one of the best fencing companies in Michigan to work on it, give a call to our experts to get answers for all your queries. Remember we, at The Fence Company Of Detroit, are here to help and not to sell.

Types Of Fencing / Our Areas Of Expertise

Chain Link Fencing: Chain link fencing is one of the most common types of fencing that is found all across the US. They are used extensively, because of their low cost and high efficiency in preventing animals and people from hindering into an enclosed area. Their installation can be done in various processes including a variety of heights and even reinforcing them into the ground to add an extra layer of protection. Another great importance of it is that it helps in allowing an open sightline, making it perfect to use in the public areas.

Vinyl Fences: Vinyl fences serve to be the best option for the common people when it comes to affordability. They come in a great variety of styles, making it perfect for daily use. Vinyl fences can be seen in various colors, thus having an ability to turn a place colorful in no matter of time. The variety of color options present in these fences makes these a perfect fit for any type of project.

Simtek Fencing:Simtek fences can be the best choice in providing both usefulness and a decorative appearance to the area where it is placed. Simtek fences can be installed in a wide variety of styles along with many color options. Simtek Fences are a real stand out from the others. These fencesare mainly used for decoration purpose and in most cases, it cannot stand against any large impact.

Aluminum Porch Handrails:An aluminum porch handrails are commonly made in the factory and then it needs a trained professional for its installation process. Our trained technicians make sure you get the best quality aluminum porch hand railing and the installation process is conducted keeping the time frame in mind.

Michigan cedar wood fencing: This fencing type is one of the most used and the best fencing option when it comes to privacy. This type of fencing is best for anyone who wants utmost privacy within the area that is enclosed by these fences. Michigan cedar wood fencing generally comes in a very tall height, preventing intruders or people to look inside the enclosed area.

 The Fence Company Of Detroit is the best fence installationcompany in Detroit, Michigan. This is mainly due to our excellent customer service and our top-notch quality work at an affordable rate. We take pride in saying that no other company is as detail-oriented as we are in this industry. If you are looking for any Detroit fencing company to install a new set of fences around your home or commercial space, don’t look any further. All the fencing works that we do, comes with a lifetime guarantee and we make sure that it lasts for a really long period of time. From the day we start to the day we finish, we make sure that you don’t have anything to worry about. If you are looking for the best fence company near you, you have just found the exact one, call us today 313-488-3579.


Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, We do offer free estimates for your projects. Our estimating process is unique in its own ways and yet it is fast, free, and easy. It does help in measuring or reviewing your backyard and prepare all the estimated cost directly from our office. All these measures can be done without spending hours on your lawn or without the need for scheduling a site visit. Being one of the best fence companies in Michiganwe have been successfully providing service all throughout Metro Detroitfor quite a long time. The Fence Company Of Detroitcan help you with the whole installation process of any typeof fences without digging a hole in your pocket.

How Soon Can You Install My Fence?

Time taken for the installation of a particular type of fence depends on several factors. The type of fence that a customer wants to be installed and the time of the season when it is purchased are two of the many factors that can adversely affect the time frame of fence installation.
Material fabrication and the permits required for the project does take almost around five to six weeks to get ready. On the other hand, projects that don’t require any material fabrication or permits can be started just within a time frame of about two to four weeks. However, in peak seasons, a project might take almost around 8+ weeks to get going. We, at The Fence Company Of Detroit, always believe in transparency with the cost and the expected starting dates.

How Long Will My Fence Installation Take?

In most cases, our fence installation process is completed just in a week. The installation process consists of a work of two to three days. Mostly these working hours or working days are non-consecutive mainly to allow the cement works to dry up or cure.

Well, there is always an exception to it when it comes to the installation of custom gates. Most of the time these custom-sized gates are ordered, only after the installation of the gate posts which can extend the total project completion time by another two to three weeks. We, at The Fence Company Of Detroit, can also provide temporary fences upon request especially during this time period.

Will You Obtain A Fence Permit For My Project?

We, at The Fence Company Of Detroit, can surely help you with applying for your fence permit only after getting all the necessary documents that are required by your local building department. Some of the very important documents are listed below:
1. Neighbour signature form.
2. Mortgage survey documents.
3. Approval for the fencing project from the neighborhood association.
4. Signature notarization.
Being one of the best fence companies in Michigan, we can help you with the whole installation process including permits, call us today 313-488-3579.

What Type Of Fencing Materials Do You Install

Whether you are looking for a strong and durable wood fencing or low in maintenance vinyl fencing, or if aluminumand steel are your preferred materials, The Fence Company Of Detroit can help you with all your needs. The trusted, insured and licensed installers of The Fence Company Of Detroit work with all types of fencing materials that are available on the market.
Some of the common fencing materials that we generally install for the people of Detroit are as follows:
• Wooden fences.
• Chain link fences.
• Vinyl fences.
• Simtek fences.
• Ornamental aluminum and steel fencing.
• Back stop fences.
If you need any suggestions or have any questions regarding your upcoming fencing project, feel free to call us today 313-488-3579.

Are There Legal Restrictions on My Fence?

Answer to this completely depends on the area where you are staying. There might be chances of zoning ordinances at your place, that might require you to get permissions before you start with your fence building process. The design, height, and material of your particular fence might also fall under the restriction of the local rules or ordinances of the house owner’s association. These rules are mostly affected, in case if you stay in a subdivision that has deed restrictions or other important binding guidelines.
Being one of the best fence companies in Michigan, we can help you in the whole installation process including permits and fabrication of the best type of fences for your project without shelling out a lot of money from your pocket.

Do I Need to Consult My Neighbors To Install A Fence ?

While it is not always necessary to consult your neighbors before you start the installation process, but letting your neighbors knows ahead of time can be taken into consideration as a common courtesy. If your neighbors have any pets, it is always a good idea to let them be aware of the upcoming fencing project so they can keep their pets safe, and if they think paying partof the installation cost, then it is a win-win situation. Homeowners association guidelines or your local ordinances might also require you to let your neighbors know about the upcoming project before we commence our job.

If you need any suggestions or have any questions regarding your upcoming fencing project, feel free to call us today 313-488-3579.

How Deep Should My Fence Posts Be?

Answer to the exact depth of the fence post is really very difficult to say. The exact depth of the fence post varies almost all times and it completely depends on the overall length and height of the fence. In general, 3 feet is observed to be an ideal depth and it can even be deeper in case of a tall fence. The holes made must be wide by a few inches than the posts in order to place the concrete that can help in supporting the posts. Therefore, the exact dimensions will be completely dependent on the fence height and the fence materials. These factors are especially important for posts that will be supporting a gate because there might be a need to install an additional support post along with the main post such that the concrete can hold both the posts in one place.
If you need any suggestions or have any questions regarding your upcoming fencing project, feel free to call us today 313-488-3579.

Should the Fence Touch the Ground?

In almost all cases, only the fence posts are the one that touches the ground, no other fencing materials should ever touch the earth by any means. Other than the fence post, if anything else touches the ground, it thereby makes the yard maintenance a very difficult task. Other than this, it may also make the fence materials to get damaged by moisture or catch rust depending on its type. If you are planning to install fences to keep away rodents, rats or other insects from entering your garden area, in that case, you can make your fence touch the floor or the ground. Other than this, it also serves to be very useful if you are having a dog of small breed or other pets that can dig under the fence that doesn’t touch the ground.
If you need any suggestions or have any questions regarding your upcoming fencing project, feel free to call us today 313-488-3579.

Does the Weather Affect The Installation?

Does the Weather Affect The Installation?
Bad weather can severely affect your fence installation process in many ways. Suppose the weather outside is rainy or the air humidity is too high, in such cases, you will surely get trouble in setting the concrete while installing the fence posts. If the outside temperature is too low or too high, not only it can negatively affect the concrete in setting down, it can also cause contraction or swelling of your fence materials. It is always advisable to install a fence on a warm day when there aren’t any predictions of rainfall for the next few days.
If you need any suggestions or have any questions regarding your upcoming fencing project, feel free to call us today 313-488-3579.

What Material Should I Use for My Fence?

Material types such as vinyl, wood, metal are most commonly used in fences. Vinyl type of fences are mostly manufactured in the factory and installed by panels or sections, instead of individually boards. Wood fences, on the other hand, are generally made from a wide variety of lumber and are typically installed by placing the panels, side by side. Metal fences such as steel or aluminum can be purchased in the form of metal panels or chain link fences. Chain link fencing options are used widely mainly due to their ability to cover large spaces with just a single roll.
If you need any suggestions or have any questions regarding your upcoming fencing project, feel free to call us today 313-488-3579.

How Tall Should My Fence Be?

The actual height of the fence depends on its usefulness. A fence that is designed to accommodate dogs of small breed or other types of small pets or children can only be tall by around four feet, while fences that need to accommodate large breed dogs can be as tall as seven feet to ten feet. Fences that are used for security purposes can vary from five feet to seven feet, whereas the fences that are to be installed for decoration can be short in nature and it can be around three to four feet tall.
If you need any suggestions or have any questions regarding your upcoming fencing project, feel free to call us today 313-488-3579.

How Long Will the Fence Last?

The durability or the life of a fence depends completely on the type of material that is used and whether if you are performing any sort of preventive maintenance after its installation process. Aluminum or vinyl fences can last for more than a decade and that too with minimal care and maintenance. On the other hand, wood fences might need to be painted or stained annually for long life. Sealing works must be done on these types of fences after a time period of every ten years. Use of high quality, treated lumber might help in increasing the total life span of a wood fence, although it still might require some type of regular maintenance to prevent damages caused by weathering elements, insects, or animals.
If you need any suggestions or have any questions regarding your upcoming fencing project, feel free to call us today 313-488-3579.

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