Dog Kennels Installation

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Are you a dog lover ? Dog kennels can either be a permanent structure or a temporary structure depending on your needs and how long you plan to use it. These dog kennels are mostly made of chain links because along with the added protection the owners can easily see their pets whenever they want. Being one of the best fence companies in Michiganwe have successfully provided service all throughout the City Of Detroit, and its nearby suburbs for more than a decade. The Fence Company Of Detroit can help you with the whole installation process of any type of dog kennels or cages without digging a hole in your pocket.
Installation Cost Of Dog Kennels
A basic home owner dog kennel can cost anywhere between $1,743 to $7,747. On the other hand, commercial dog kennels costs can remain somewhere in between $11,900 to $61,950. These prices are variable and are completely dependent on various factors. Features and options, size, number of runs included, shipping, and handling are some of the many factors that can affect the price of dog kennels.

Types Of Dog Kennels
Temporary dog kennels are mostly made of lighter materials that are much easier to move. Though they are light in weight they have enough strength to stop the pet or the dog from getting out. On the other hand, a more permanent kennel comprises posts and chain links to help in adding a bit more prevention and protection of the pet or for any other unauthorized people from getting inside the kennel without permission.
The Fence Company Of Detroit can help you find the best type of kennel according to your needs and at the best price available in Detroit. While most of the average dog cages are colored in natural colors, we can customize them into the color option described by our customers. Black is commonly found in dog kennels because it mostly offers an elegant and smooth look, adding a landscape texture to the backyard. If anyone wants their dog kennel to stand out from the rest, they can choose some bold color options, but this option often needs to be repainted because it doesn’t stand well with the weathering elements like the normal one would.
Our certified and trained Detroit fencing team can easily help you with any type of fencing youneed. If you are planning to install a new set of dog cages or dog kennels to add an extra layer of security, don’t look any further,The Fence Company Of Detroit is available to assist you with all your needs. If you are in need of the best Michigan fences, call us today 313-488-3579.

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