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Peoplein the US, love to get aluminum and steel fences mostly in the ornamental designs, but these fences can also be found in a plain design as well. There is a big difference between the aluminum type fences and steel fences. Just by having a glance, it can be difficult to find the differences, but there are some important bits that can help us determine which one of the two works best for your project.Our professional team can help determining the best of the two, keeping both, strength and design in mind. Being one of the best fence company in Michiganwe have successfully provided service all throughout Detroit and its suburbs for more than a decade. The Fence Company Of Detroit can help you with the whole installation process of the best steel and aluminum fences without digging a whole in your pocket.

Properties of Aluminum Fences:

The aluminum fences are way lighter than the steel ones, mainly because of the use of lighter materials. When talking of durability, these can be one of the most durable materials available. It is more affordable than steel and does have the same feel and look. They are preferred by many people when it comes to saving money.

Another great property of aluminum is that it is very much resistant to rusting and corrosion if not taken proper care which means it can be used near any water body like ponds, lakes, and pools. Since these metals can be easily manipulated, giving it a new shape and design is much easy. It can easily be painted in a large variety of colors. Aluminum doesn’t need to be refurbished or repainted mostly because of the method in which it is made. In most cases, aluminum is made of recycled products and can be easily placed even if the area has a slope.

Properties of Steel Fences:

The steel fences are made of a very strong type of material. Therefore, it can easily last for a much longer time and can even withstand any type of impact that can happen in the future. Steel does have the best working ability no matter where it is placed. It is costlier than aluminum because of its sturdy nature and the higher level of security than any other types of fences. Steel fences need to be well taken care of to keep it in the best condition because it is most prone to rusting and other weathering elements.

Color Options

Both steel and aluminum fences come in a wide variety of color options which can really hold up well to the overall appearance of the space. Though these options have many uses, it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. It does require maintenance and special care in order to retain the overall strength of the metal as it is very much prone to rust after a while.

Our certified and trained Detroit fencing team can easily help you with any type of fencing needs. If you are planning to install a new set of steel and aluminum fencing to add an extra layer of security, don’t look any further. The Fence Company Of Detroit is available to assist you with all your needs, call us today 313-488-3579.

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